Monday, January 02, 2017

Another year passed by ...

... and here is another year
After so many others
That have passed by
The page is blank
In the color of pure white
Take your colorful brush
And paint it
To the color of your dreams
That beautiful blue color
Of the other side
And paint a few colorful butterflies
And a prairie of tulips
And a walk way in the corner
That will lead you
To the land of silver trees
With blue leaves
... and when you get there
Smile, for you will realize
It has been only
A long long dream

Sunday, December 25, 2016

On this Christmas morn

On this Christmas morn
In a quiet foggy mood
I long for you
My far away love

My heart is singing
A beautiful bluish song
With silent notes
Of eternal melody

Trying to remind you
That life is beautiful
In spite of all its troubles
In spite of all the cruelties

For that is the only way
For us to see the beauty
To experience the peace
After a dark stormy night

So listen to the song
Coming to you from 
Far beyond 
The time and space

Smile so wide and bright
Knowing that life is 
Like a river flowing
and we need to go along 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

You come to my dream

You come to my dream
You look into my eyes
And your eyes speak to mine
While we are quiet
As a dreaming blue lake

And our hearts are becoming one
One that will beat for both of us
Till the last day of our lives
On this blue planet of ours

Where is the boundary
To separate the reality and dreams
Or perhaps we are dreaming
When we are awake

The heavy fog of the green trees
Is reaching us
Let's get lost in it
Thinking how lucky our hearts are

Saturday, November 05, 2016

The time is still

The time is still
The life goes on
The story is unfolding
And I miss you

I miss you 
Till the end of time
Till the end of the journey
To the land of far memories

And the love is blossoming
With every breath of time
With all that we know as life
With all the treasures it holds

And I love you blue
Bluer that what any imagination can hold
Till we get lost in the road
The road to the other side of all

In a never ending journey of soul
To a higher frequency of life
To become all that is
In this imaginary world of ours

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

The dark of the night is coming again

The dark of the night is coming again
With all the quiet of the time
The lingering sensation of calmness
And the silent gaze of the moment

And again, time to cherish
The final moments of a passing day
Another day of this life
Shortly joining the history of ours

Let’s take the time
To cherish the way
Every moment of existence
In this illusive dream of life

Let’s remember our past
Why we came here
The long way we have come
To reach this moment of life

Let’s get lost
In the blue of a foggy forest
Waiting …
In the silence of the night

To take us to the journey
Another journey to the far
The magical land of dreams
Where there is all that you ever want

Let’s remember who we are
To feel the warmth of this life
To cherish the simplest things of all
To dream of prairies in the far

The far distant lands of dark blue
Leaning on the pale green of the lake
Waiting quietly for us to begin
Sailing the endless vastness of truth

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Far away ...

Far away …
where the eyes cannot reach
There is a land 
Where we have belonged

This is our blue planet
Where the soul can refuge
From all the hardships of life
From all the despair

Where we can live forever
Where we can love like never
Where there is only kindness
Where there is no sunset

And this is the story my love
We have a long way still
But we will get there soon
Where the nights are lit with moon

And you found me on the way
To walk all the way together
In this long journey of ours
Of more than just one life time

And we have been always there
To walk along the way together
One way or another
To love and cherish each other

The way is long and dark
And our love is pure and bright
To guide us all the way trough
Till we are home again

Saturday, October 29, 2016

And we will sail again ...

And we will sail again
You and me, my love
Only the two of us
In the endless sea of love

And we will get to the island
You and me, my heart
Trough the blue gates of time
In the foggy lands of dream

And we will love till the end
Till the end of life
When we are ready to leave
To go back to the white castle of ours